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Mr Crossy


Project Bio

A first person crossword puzzle game. Mr Crossy sneaks into the dreams of traumatised children and offers them a game to play. If they win, the trauma will be removed, if you lose the child is rendered a blank slate or Mr Crossy and he will delete system 32 off your computer.

Group Participants

Sean Casey, Jack Hobbs, Darcy Glover, Jasper Von Reigen, Sophia McNee, Taj Donaldson, Britney Perreria, Daniel Jarrett, Jimmy Nguyen

Guardian Impact

Image by Fábio Lucas

Project Bio

Guardian Impact is a 8 Player Team Deathmatch game set in a Fantasy Medieval Realm where you and your friends are pitted against one another inside of an Arena, the team with the most kills within the allotted time is crowned the winner.

Group Participants

Thomas, Olof, Aaron, Nick, Jimmathy, James


Image by Nadine Shaabana

Project Bio

Cloning and making mobile app games for the android

Group Participants

Archie Paxton, Mitchell Hocking, Zac Reckless, Max Cooper, Jay Klaithin, David Wang, Jericho Niduaza, Ben Good, Jame Abo Asali

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