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CIU212 Brawler Character Design - Lorenz

Project Bio

Two people fighting each other in a temple.

Group Participants

Michael and Lorenzen


Image by Content Pixie

Project Bio

Torin, the ruler of the underworld, has a cursed touch. Destroying anything and anyone with a single touch. This made him lonely and sad, but because of this cursed touch, he has guarded his heart, putting on the fissured dark ruler to protect not only him but those around him. Till one day a huntress came for him 'Keely'. They fought but in like a cat and mouse way till they collided. Torin had accidentally touched Keely, fearing the worst. Torin freaked out, not taking any notice that Keely was okay. Confused about what has him so concerned, Keely looks down to find a burned handprint where Torin's hand was. Realizing that Torin wasn't an evil ruler, she slowly approached Torin to show that she was okay. Seeing that he didn't kill Keely, Torin was so thrilled that he kissed Keely through caution to the wind. Shocked, Keely just stood there till Torin moved back to freak out again, realizing what he had done. Keely found this cute and hugged Torin. The end.

Group Participants

Abbey, Max, Dana, Bianca Cadalt, Michael Budiman, Sam Enthoven

Glass Half Empty

Image by Shubham Dhage

Project Bio

A simple act of kindness that ends up bringing 2 lives together

Group Participants

Marvin Sanosa

Off The Grid

Off The Grid Title - Georgia Noble.png

Project Bio

An apprentice cartographer is assigned, by his boss, to find the location of a hidden village. However, the outcome of his journey may not be what he expected

Group Participants

Georgia Noble Marnala Dent Max Cooper Jericho Niduaza

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